About Us

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Over the years as the company has grown we have tried to find new ways to bring the best in dog training and customer service to our clients. When you call or fill out the contact form you always know we will respond quickly to help you with your needs. We even interact with our client on Facebook.
Our business has grown because of folks like you and we try hard to never forget that. It is our pleasure to continue to bring you the best in dog training and to prove to why we say “We lead the pack in dog training”

Our commitment to our customers and their needs have made us who we are today, and it has been a privilege to serve our local communities, and make so many friends along the way.

Variety of pet services:

  • Puppy Kindergarten Classes
  • Private Obedience or Pack Order Lessons
  • Group Obedience Classes
  • In-Kennel Training
  • Behavior Modification Consultations

Your comments or questions are of course welcome.